Manifesto of support for Gabriel Boric

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From Amlat Network, a place that reunites social scientists from many universities and research centers in Latin America, we make explicit our support for Gabriel Boric in the context of the second round for presidential elections being held in Chile, on December 19th.

In a very complex context for our continent, the world in general, and Chile in particular, where socio-economic inequalities and processes of fragility in terms of living conditions are being exacerbated for millions of human beings, it is essential to counteract the advance of neoliberal policies that have generated so much poverty and whose thanatic logic continues to violate not only human beings, but also nature and everything that has the breath of life.

The global epidemiological experience has taught us that we will not be able to save ourselves, that we need each other, that it is essential to count on the presence of States that ensure conditions of respect, dignity and equity; Therefore, it can no longer be supported neither in Chile, nor in any of the regions of the world, political-economic actors that govern our countries as if they were companies or supermarkets, where everything is bought and sold, and where, following this path, education, health, access to employment and social mobility, become an inaccessible privilege for the majority, only accessible, perhaps, for the very few who can pay for it.

We believe that throughout history and particularly in recent times, Chile has become an example of struggle and dignity, where the people, with their power and diversity, head to the streets tired of so many injustices.

Along these lines, we also see how the Mapuche populations continue to resist against the criminalization of the conservative neoliberal state, which denies them the right to be/exist and makes them the favorite target to xenophobia and different forms of violence.

In this historical scene, in the face of political-democratic, environmental and war crises, it is necessary to generate articulations, to promote the union of our peoples and to support proposals that, like that of Gabriel Boric, aims to fight for policies of well-being, growth and recognition of the basic and fundamental rights that the Chilean society demands, requires, and that corresponds to it.

No more neoliberalism in the world; enough of capitalism of death, for a Chile with dignity, for a united Latin America.

PhD Researcher Professor Alberto Efendy Maldonado Gómez de la Torre (General Coordinator of AMLAT Network; CIESPAL Cathedratic – Armand Mattelart Chair; Cathedratic/Researcher at PPGCC Unisinos and PROCESSOCOM)

PhD Researcher Professor Jiani Adriana Bonin (Coordinator of PROCESSOCOM)

PhD Researcher Professor Nísia Martins do Rosário (UFRGS; Co-coordinator of PROCESSOCOM)

Retired Professor Angel Alberto Pereira Valarezo (Facso Ecuador. Member of PROCESSOCOM)

PhD Researcher Professor Adrián Padilla Fernández (UNESR-Venezuela),  Senior Visiting Professor at UFRR-Brasil

PhD Researcher Professor Norah Gamboa Vela  (UNERS- Venezuela)

PhD Researcher Noel Padilla-Fernández (UNESR and UNEARTE, Venezuela).

PhD Researcher Professor Alexis Rasftopolo (SINVyP-FHCS-UNaM); Cultural Manager

Licensed Researcher Professor María del Rosario Millán (Universidad Nacional de Misiones)

Licensed Researcher Professor Marina Casales (Universidad Nacional de Misiones)

PhD Researcher Professor Patricia Fasano (Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos, República Argentina)

PhD Researcher Professor Delia Dutra (Universidad de la República, Uruguay,  Coordinator of  METICS)

PhD Researcher Professor Pedro Russi (Universidad de la República, Uruguay. Coordinator of METICS)

PhD Researcher Professor Juciano de Sousa Lacerda (UFRN; Coordinator of PRAGMA Research Group)

PhD Researcher Elson Faxina (UFPR. Coordinator of Narrativas Audiovisuais e Cidadania Research Group)

PhD Researcher Professor Lisiane Machado Aguiar (Coordinator of PPGCOM-UFRR; Member of PROCESSOCOM Research Group)

PhD Researcher Professor Vilso Junior Santi (PPGCOM-UFRR; Coordinator of Amazoom – Cultural Observatory of Amazonia and Caribbean)

PhD Researcher Professor Tamires Ferreira Coêlho (Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso; Coordinator of CICLO; Vice-Coordinator of PPGCOM/UFMT)

PhD Researcher Professor Helânia Thomazine Porto (Universidade do Estado da Bahia; Coordinator of Geicel-Uneb-CNPq and Counseler of Consep-Uneb)

PhD Researcher Professor Leila Lima de Sousa (UFMA/Imperatriz; Vice-coordinator of Maria Firmina dos Reis Studies and Research Center)

PhD Student, Social Communicator, Researcher Teacher Yvets Morales Medina (UFRGS/PROCESSOCOM)

PhD Student, Social Communicator, Researcher Teacher Paulo Júnior Melo da Luz (UNISINOS/PROCESSOCOM)

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